John Sheriff

John Sheriff has been with Paul Davis Restoration for 28 years and is the principal owner of the Paul Davis Restoration of New Mexico franchise. John says it best in his own words: “Over the last 28 years, our business has grown based on the very simple principles of honesty,… Read more »

Dylan Sheriff

Dylan joined Paul Davis Restoration in 2014. He feels it’s important to educate property owners about what Paul Davis does, and how our restoration process works. He wants people to know that when an unexpected disaster hits, Paul Davis is ready to help at a moment’s notice. It’s his mission… Read more »

Cole Gooding

Cole Gooding had been a tradesman in the construction industry remodeling homes since 2007, before he joined the Paul Davis team in 2015 as a Reconstruction Associate. Striving for quality and efficiency, he finds that the most rewarding part of the reconstruction process is leaving the homeowner pleasantly surprised by the… Read more »

Terry Gates

Terry Gates has been an associate with Paul Davis Restoration since 1998. He says he finds great enjoyment and satisfaction in restoring homes and, in the process, restoring lives. Terry’s attention to detail is second to none, and he has received national recognition awards for his work with Paul Davis… Read more »

Gary Holmes

Gary Holmes is a 30-year veteran of the restoration business, and has been with Paul Davis since 2013 He says the process of turning an unexpected disaster into a good-looking finished product gives him satisfaction. He’s an advocate for his crew in the field and stresses the importance of education,… Read more »

James Retter

James was promoted to Associate in 2017, after spending six years working as a tradesman at Paul Davis. Since 1988, James has specialized in carpentry for residential and commercial building. James values working at Paul Davis of New Mexico, as he says, “it’s the most stable construction company I’ve ever… Read more »

Todd Castle

Todd joined Paul Davis Restoration in 2018, transitioning form a lifelong career in the flooring industry. He says he finds great enjoyment and satisfaction in touching peoples’ lives through the restoration of their homes after life has presented them with an unexpected challenge and bringing them a sense of calm… Read more »

John Mattock

John Mattock arrived in Albuquerque in 1996 while enlisted in the United States Air Force.  As a Senior Master Sergeant, he was a Superintendent in the Transportation Squadron until he retired in November of 2002.  John assumed his position with Paul Davis Restoration in December 2002 and never looked back.… Read more »

John LaSalandra

John joined the team in 2016 to expand the Paul Davis Commercial Emergency Services With over 38 years of experience in the property damage mitigation industry, John has streamlined Albuquerque’s noted retail and housing catastrophes with a fast response that minimizes disruption and gets businesses back on their feet quickly.… Read more »

Isaac Cordova

Isaac Cordova became a Mitigation Associate in 2014 and was quickly promoted to Residential Manager. He began his career at Paul Davis Restoration in 2005 as a mitigation technician. Isaac loves being able to help a homeowner get through a difficult experience, like fire or water damage to their home. He… Read more »