Board Up Services in Los Lunas

When your home or building is damaged, securing your property is crucial. That’s why we offer experienced board up services to Los Lunas residents. No matter the cause of the damage it’s important to have your property professionally boarded up to prevent further damage from theft, vandalism, or unwanted entry.

We’re here for you by providing 24/7 assistance. Just click the “24-hour Emergency Services” button above if you need service right away. We’ll respond within 30 minutes and be at the site within 2 hours.

Property damages that require board up include:

  • Fires
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle Impacts
  • Break-ins & Theft

Why is using a reputable board up company important?

There is more to a securing a structure than plywood and nails. Paul Davis has 50 years of experience boarding up damaged buildings and we know that stabilizing the structure to prevent further damage is just as important as preventing unwanted entry. No two buildings are the same and performing a safe and secure board up requires vast knowledge and experience.

Why Paul Davis?

Experience and training are vital to a successful and secure board up, and no one in the industry can match our 50 years of experience, ongoing skills training process for our crews, and a dedicated focus on customer service. Paul Davis is ready to complete any emergency board up job you may have, whether it is from storm damage, fire, vehicle impact or any other disaster. We guarantee you won’t regret choosing Paul Davis so call us today.