Vacation Home Security

15PaulDavid121{When you {leave|depart from} your {second|extra|vacation} {home|property}|When you head home from your vacation {condo|cottage|property}} {and {close|lock} it up|and say goodbye} {for the {season|year}|until next {holiday|year|time}}, how do you {keep it {safe|secure}|ensure its {security|safety}}? With {today’s updated|modern} {technology|innovations}, {watching|monitoring|protecting} your {vacation|extra|second} {home|house|property} {remotely|from {afar|a distance}} is {easier|simpler|more hassle-free|more convenient} than {ever|it’s ever been|ever before}.

The {best|most effective|most powerful|safest|most efficient} {way|means} to {secure|lock down|protect} your {vacation|extra|second} home is {to {have|get} a monitored security system installed|with the installation of a monitored security system}. {Security cameras|The {presence|visibility|visible presence} of security cameras {can|will}} often prevent {theft|burglary} before it {happens|occurs}. Many {would-be|potential|prospective} {burglars|thieves} will {skip right over|pass on|avoid} your {property|home} when they {see|notice} {cameras|surveillance cameras} {mounted|installed} {outside|on the exterior}. {But|And} if {they do|{someone|anyone} does} {attempt|try} to {break|get} in, {today’s|modern} security systems {use|employ|utilize} motion detectors that {activate|trip|trigger|set off} security cameras, record {the activity|everything that happens} and {notify you|inform you|let you know} {almost instantly|instantaneously|in real time} on your {smartphone|mobile phone}, tablet or {computer|desktop|laptop}.

Security systems are also {ideal|a wise choice|excellent|a good idea} for second-home owners who {rent|lease|rent out} their property to {vacationers|travelers} on popular {rental {sites|websites}|online rental companies} {such as|like} Airbnb to {check in on|keep tabs on|keep track of|check out}. It makes it {simple|easy|a piece of cake} to {know|see|check} {how|the condition in which} {they|renters} leave the property.

{Oddly|Surprisingly|Strangely|Interestingly} enough, {most|the majority of} {home|household} {burglaries|”break-ins”} are not forced entries; rather, {burglars|thieves|criminals} {enter|get in|gain access} {without any {trouble|effort}|much more simply} {through|via} unlocked {windows and doors|doors and windows|entry points}. {Don’t forget|Always remember} to {lock up|check all the locks and bolts} {before you {leave|go}|on your final sweep before departing}.

{Also|In addition|Additionally}, if your {vacation|extra|summer or winter|winter or summer|second} {home|property} {looks|appears} {vacant|empty}, it is more likely to be {targeted|hit|burglarized|broken into}. {Make sure|Ensure} it {appears|looks|seems} occupied {by {using|setting up|utilizing|making use of}|with the use of} a {light timer|timer on one or more of your lights}. {Today’s|Modern} timers are not {{clunky|massive|unwieldy} dials like|the clunky dials they were} in the past{; they|, but} are {digital|computerized} and {simple|easy} to {program|set}. They’re also {{very|quite|extremely|rather} inexpensive|{highly|very|quite|extremely|rather} affordable}. {Program|Set|Time the} lights to {come|turn} on at {different|various} times to {give|lend} your {vacation|vacant|second|extra|summer or winter|winter or summer} {home|property} a lived-in {appearance|look}.

{Many|Some} {police|law enforcement} departments offer vacation watch services that can help {lower|reduce|control|minimize} the {risk|chance} of any {problems|issues|threats}. {Patrol|Police} {cars|vehicles|cruisers} will {do a drive-by|drive past} to {make sure|ensure} everything is {in order|okay}. {Don’t forget|{Also|Always} remember} to {stop|suspend} your newspaper subscription, {postal|mail} service, dry-cleaning deliveries, etc., and {{tell|inform} your neighbors|let your neighbors know} that you will be {away|out of town|gone|} for {an extended period|a while}.